Gate Keeper

A RPG for the 32blit and PicoSystem retro consoles, by Blackhawk

Gate Keeper is a simple RPG game with a short story of roughly 30min playtime.

Current features:

  • leveling system
  • round based combat
  • different biomes connected with gates
  • grow, harvest and eat food for health regeneration
  • buy weapons/food with gold found in chests
  • 3 biomes
  • 3 different dungeons
  • boss fight

Planned features:

  • audio
  • visual effects (especially water and footsteps in snow/dust)
  • new biomes
  • 2 new secret weapons
  • new hidden dungeons
  • longer/better story
  • performance improvements

Latest version : v0.1.1, April 17, 2022 (uploaded on 2022/04/17)

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