32blit Lua engine, by pimoroni

The Lua interpreter for 32blit. See the GitHub URL for examples.

New in v0.0.3 Alpha:

  • Added circle to screen and Surface
  • Added polygon to screen and Surface
  • Added tl, tr, bl and br to Rect (for getting points at each corner)
  • Added a new example: examples/shapes.lua to demonstrate the new additions

New in v0.0.2 Alpha:

  • Rewritten Timer callback bindings to use the new std::function support
  • Add support for Surfaces
    • P, M, RGB and RGBA Surface support
    • New PixelFormat enum type
    • Surface -> Surface blit/stretch_blit
    • Editable swappable/palettes for P-mode (palette-based) surfaces
    • New Palette type
  • New basic Surface demo, showing multiple surfaces in use

Latest version : v0.0.3, July 2, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/07/02)

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Alpha Release This Blit is an Alpha release


This Blit was contributed by Gadgetoid; it has 2 older versions listed.

Version Date
v0.0.2 June 4, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/06/04)
v0.0.1 June 3, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/06/03)