Pigs n Kings

Hail to the king, piggies!, by SwordLord

Pigs n Kings

Fight as the King against the evil Pigs and hunt them through your Castle. Put those pigs in a bubble and burst it to defeat the pigs. But beware, not all pigs can be bubbled!

Version Info

The latest version is the first Release Candidate. This means, that Pigs n Kings is nearing its first official release, containing one fully playable level.

Important! If you played the game before (in an earlier dev preview): Make sure to delete all the save files in the /Pigs n Kings/ folder in the root of your SD card. Or the game will crash since we changed the structure of the saved data.

Version History


  • Somewhat feature complete, containing one playable level. If you beat the first Pig Boss, you return to the main screen, even though the portal to the second level opens up. If you can't wait for a second level, why don't you contact us in the Discord and help us out with even more levels?
  • The Prefs screen is cleaned up and contains details to the saved games. Like when you are a filthy cheater.
  • Rumble!
  • More Tracks and SFX.
  • One hidden room with loot & cannons.


  • Tracks and FX volumes can be changed in the Prefs
  • You can choose a save slot in the Prefs as well, but expect things to crash and burn there...
  • Worked on the levels and the AI for the Pigs
  • Fixed a few memory problems
  • Cheats implemented. But mind you, we will see from your screenshots that you are cheating.

Latest version : v0.9.rc1, November 5, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/11/05)

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