Line Editor, by LBob / TooB

A line editor for viewing and editing text files on the Blit.

Not particularly well made, sort of a full editor behind the scenes (loading the whole file into memory... twice) with a line editor front-end. I'd make it better, but the more I worked on it, the more obvious it was a rewrite was in order. But why throw away everything when it mostly works as a proof-of-concept?

If someone requests a feature, I'll likely add it, but otherwise will concentrate on the rewrite. (With better input than scrolling characters up and down by 1 or 5 ASCII positions per tap, aka arcade hi score input).

Not particularly intuitive, the opening screen tells you how to access help, which should explain everything.

You very quickly hit size limits. It took only a 66k file from my build folder to crash the app on my Blit, while the same file opened fine on my PC. Probably because of int being different sized on the two platforms. A 62k file seemed to load, so I probably have a variable limiting me to 64k somewhere. Because I'm using the Blit's font system, only characters from space to tilde will be properly represented.

Most likely this app will be a curiosity, soon forgotten, but it showcases scrolling (at variable speeds, starts fast and slows near the end), a text rendering system that allows multiple colors of text and the use of combinations of keys in various orders to show you don't have to resort to adding shoulder buttons to make a lot of functionality quickly available.

The next editor should be good enough to manipulate a Lua (or eventually BASIC) file for simple edits on the go without immediately making you question what you're doing with your life.

Latest version : v1.0.0, July 4, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/07/05)

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