simple reaction game, by M. Gerloff

Bounce, is a simple reaction game for the 32Blit.
Don't lose any ball by filling the holes in the line at right time.
Inspired by the Nintendo 'Game & Watch' Manhole game.

upper left -> DPad up
upper right -> X, blue button
lower left -> DPad down
lower right -> B, yellow button

v0.0.2: Full playable.
v0.0.4: Highscore and burst animation added. Skill adjusted.
v1.0.0: Sound added. Design changes. PicoSystem port.

Latest version : v1.0.0, October 14, 2023 (uploaded on 2023/10/14)

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Released This Blit has been released!

This Blit was contributed by lummi01; it has 2 older versions listed.

Version Date
v0.0.4 October 8, 2023 (uploaded on 2023/10/08)
v0.0.2 October 7, 2023 (uploaded on 2023/10/07)