Missile Command

classic arcade shooter, by M. Gerloff

classic arcade clone.

v0.0.2: far from finished!
v0.0.4: analog stick adjustments, more missiles.
v0.0.5: smart bombs added.
v0.0.6: planes added.
v0.1.0: still a lot of work but the first playable version.

Latest version : v0.1.0, July 17, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/07/17)

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Beta Release This Blit is a Beta release

This Blit was contributed by lummi01; it has 4 older versions listed.

Version Date
v0.0.6 July 13, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/07/13)
v0.0.5 July 12, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/07/12)
v0.0.4 July 8, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/07/08)
v0.0.2 July 8, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/07/08)