Submarine action, by M. Gerloff

In Seaquest, you control a yellow submarine who must destroy numerous waves of sharks and enemy subs, all while trying to rescue friendly divers. It starts slowly and ramps up to become quite frantic in later waves.

Published by Activision, Steve Cartwright programmed the original for the Atari 2600 gaming console in 1983.

Note: I'm a programming newbe and teaching myself with the existing 32Blit code. All coments are helpful!

Download Link for PicoSystem Version:

v0.8.1: Fully playable. Highscoretable and some more sounds will follow soon.

v0.8.3: More sounds. New bonus managment (check for the golden diver). PicoSystem Version.

Latest version : v0.8.3, April 29, 2022 (uploaded on 2022/04/29)

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v0.8.1 April 24, 2022 (uploaded on 2022/04/24)