build your tower and reach the sky., by M. Gerloff

Use the pink button to place the moving block as precisely as possible over the block below. Any excess will cut off.
The base block shortens in each level.

1 point for setting block.
5 points for exact setting.
Block width points, when reaching the top of the screen.

Latest version : v1.0.0, May 30, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/05/30)

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Released This Blit has been released!

This Blit was contributed by lummi01; it has 3 older versions listed.

Version Date
v0.1.0 May 28, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/05/28)
v0.0.4 May 27, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/05/27)
v0.0.2 May 14, 2024 (uploaded on 2024/05/14)