Dune II

The original RTS - harvest spice, build your base and commmand your army to destroy the enemy., by mikered

Can scroll around the map

select & command quads

Build & place windtraps and spice refineries.

authentic "yessir" sound

...not much else yet

Latest version : v1.0.6, November 9, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/11/09)

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Alpha Release This Blit is an Alpha release


This Blit was contributed by mikerr; it has 3 older versions listed.

Version Date
v1.0.5 February 26, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/02/26)
v1.0.4 February 23, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/02/23)
v1.0.3 February 19, 2021 (uploaded on 2021/02/21)