BlitHub Change Log

This file logs all the functional changes made to the site; if something isn't working properly please let me know!


  • Added a bot to announce new / updated Blits to Discord, and Twitter.
  • Tried to discourage robots from trying to download Blits.


  • Download statistics are now visible for Contributors (work in progress)
  • Contributors can delete versions (this will also delete download counts for that version)
  • Improved social media previews on game pages.


  • Tidied up some of the layout.
  • Fixed Contributor list for sorting by latest release.
  • Check that twitter handles don't have an extra leading '@'


  • Made 'unknown' releases look a bit less scary.


  • Contributors can now be sorted (in a limited fashion).
  • Forms are more consistently laid out.


  • Metadata URLs can be assigned as source, itchio, or 'other'.
  • All metadata is now read-only.
  • Home page shows the most recently updated blits in a carousel.
  • Added release status, which is displays in blits and the blitlist.
  • My Contributor Page is easier to get to.


  • Blit icons shown in lists.
  • Metadata can be re-parsed from Blits, if for example the splash screen has not been rendered properly.
  • Categories are now read from metadata, and can be used to filter the Blit list.


  • Screenshots can now be deleted and re-ordered.
  • Added a little more information to the home page.


  • Allow larger Blits to be uploaded (we should handle anything that would fit on the device)
  • Added a Big Friendly Download Button.
  • Added cancel button to the Blit edit screen.
  • Added the ability to add screenshots (note: at the moment, no delete!)


  • Download totals are shown on your own Contributor page.
  • Blit lists can be sorted by most recent (default) or popular (most downloads). Not that the 'recent' is based on the metadata date, not the upload date.


  • Moved to our new home! We are now
  • Improved handling of Blits with hypens in their name.


  • Starting to record download statistics (not that you can see them yet).
  • Improved the pixeliness of the splash image.
  • Downloads now include version number in the Blit filename.
  • Check version number & CRC on Blit upload, to avoid duplicate versions.
  • Fixed 'legacy' downloads, where the filename does not match the Blit slug.
  • Added this change log!